Enrique The Next Level – Try, Try Again

Enrique is all thugged-out this time, wearing the hip-hop ice I gave him for
Xmas. As is always the case, he’s naked and good-to-go in a heartbeat so I chow
down on it with my usual gusto. I take out my cock and decide to give it another
try: ”Suck it!” I say to him and this time he gives it a valiant effort (I’m
ready to bust right there!) but he’s still not comfortable so I go back to
servicing him. The girlfriend calls, Enrique responds: ”I’m leaving right now.
Love You!” We’ve got 10 minutes so it’s back to the blowjob! It doesn’t take me
long to win the prize and I take his whole load down my throat! ”How was
that?” I ask, ”Excellent, like always!” he says. Time to depart, mustn’t keep
the little lady waiting!

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