Jason Gordar & Billie Kane

Jason and Billie make out passionately on the bed, and the two exchange hot, wet
blowjobs. Turns out, Billie can suck his own cock, so Jason gives him a hand by
holding up Billie’s ass while he tosses his legs over his own head. Billie takes
a few licks and sucks his own cock, and Jason is amazed: "That was pretty good!"
Billie has done it many times before, and he’d rather have Jason slobbering on
his cock: "Yeah? Not as good as YOU!" Jason gets on his back, and Billie thrusts
his cock hard into his asshole. Jason straddles Billie and both jerk off. Both
shoot their loads into each other’s mouths. Billie licks his own cum off of
Jason’s chest.

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