Damon Flores – Round 2

I was standing at the ceiling fan display at the hardware
store trying to figure out which one was best. TJ was picking up a ceiling fan
as well, and I asked him why he had chosen that particular one. I told him I
planned to install the fan myself and needed the easiest one to put up. That’s
when he offered install it for me for a couple of bucks after he was done with
work. He came over and when he was up on the ladder, I got an eyeful of his
enormous package. He saw all the straight and gay porn strewn about my
apartment, and, winking, said: "You own quite a collection!" I told him I more
than owned it—I’d shot it myself. I told him I could always use a handsome guy
like him. I gave him my card, and though I thought he wasn’t interested, he
texted me the same evening to set up a shoot.

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